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About Her

Model + Muse

In 2022, Joelle appeared in a 8-page spread for Elle Magazine Bulgaria. Previously, she appeared in UK Based Fashion Editorial, The Love Magazine for their 10th Anniversary Edition. She has been photographed by industry-renowned duo, Mert & Marcus and also featured in smaller publications including Elegant Magazine and Shuba Magazine. Born to African American, West Indian, and Native American parents, she quickly adopted an acute love for reggae flare, down-home culture and the culinary arts (she loves jollof, curry, jerk and cabbage) and can frequently be found cooking up her own semi-vegetarian dishes at home, planting fruit + veggie seeds geared towards self-sufficiency and sustainability, as well as crafting doggy treats for her Rottweiler pup. When she is not actively booking as a Model/Muse, she is often exploring the latest news in holistic health, burning incense, lounging at the beach or working as a professional Technical Writer and UX/UI Designer. She hopes to someday launch her own ayurvedic cosmetic beauty brand, but for now she is busy being a new mom and wife. Joelle is currently based in Miami, FL.

I am a professional:
  • Fit Model
  • Fashion Model
  • Muse
  • Entrepreneur
  • Technical Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • E-Comm Business Owner

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